Our Fleet

Wurtsboro Airport has a reputation of mixing old vintage aircraft with the newest high performance aircraft of our day. The rich history is one of the things that makes this airport so unique. It is the oldest glider airport in the nation that is still in operation. Since 1927 Wurtsboro has been co-mingling gliders and powered aircraft for the sake of pure enjoyment. Best of all you can still experience a ride or instruction in a completely restored vintage glider, high performance sailplane, or a modern Cessna 172 power plane. Come out and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with the back drop of the majestic Catskill Mountain Ridge.


Cessna 172

Our Rental Fleet consists of one Cessna 172.  This is a four seat high wing aircraft with a 180 HP engine.  Our 172 is an L model with a Hornton STOL kit and a 180 HP conversion.

L-19 Bird Dog

Our towing fleet is centered around two Cessna Ector L-19 Bird Dog aircraft.  These aircraft were used during the Vietnam War as spotter planes and are powered by 215 HP Continental O-470-11 engines.  The L-19 is arguably the best glider tow plane in use anywhere.  We also use the Cessna 172L when we need a third tow plane, but it is primarily used for rides and instruction.


Schweizer SGS 2-33

The Schweizer SGS 2-33 trainer glider is a tried and true glider for instruction and rental.  Wurtsboro Airport has two of these gliders.  For more info on this glider, click here.

Scheicher ASK-21

Our high performance sailplane is the Scheicher ASK-21.  It is available for rental and instruction.  Wurtsboro Airport has two of these gliders as well.  For more info, click here.

Schweizer SGS 1-26E

The newest addition to our fleet is a single-seat Schweizer SGS 1-26E. It is available for pilot rental. For more info, click here.